About Common Muscle Disorders Occur

Apart from being a means of movement of the body, muscles that are spread almost throughout the human body play an important role in helping other organs in carrying out their functions. Muscle dysfunction can occur due to various disorders or disorders that cause weakness and pain in the muscles, to paralysis. Muscle abnormalities or myopathy is a medical term that refers to several conditions of muscle disorders in the body. Abnormalities in muscles can be caused by a variety of things, both related to genetic or non-genetic disorders, such as muscle injury and excessive muscle use, inflammation, infection, use of certain drugs, cancer, and neurological diseases that affect muscles. Some cases of muscle abnormalities are not even known the exact cause. Muscle abnormalities based on the cause Broadly speaking, muscle abnormalities can be categorized into two, namely inherited disorders (inherited) and acquired disorders (acquired). Some of the conditions included in congenital
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